Domes Design Studio

Domes Architects and Consultants.

Domes Firm, has evolved from Evangelos Apostolidis design office that was active since 1970.

The practice is formed by associates and partners, experience designers ,Architects and Engineers with wide experience in Public and Private Projects and as a Firm has participated in most major  projects in Greece and in Europe the last 20 years.

The Firm portfolio, The specialization and expertise of our  office covers all aspects and types of  Form and Space  designing , building process, and as a design and  construction management team we offer a wide area of specialized and client oriented services that covers all phases of a project’s realization procedure.

The firm is also active as a construction and development Company, having completed and self-Finance a lot of projects in Greece.


Firm core Philosophy and Ideas  

The firm is active as a workshop of ideas, research and practice, towards an architecture , always human centered, that tries to define space and forms, contributing in the human goal for Quality of Life and aesthetical excellence.

Our  Design works  towards Functional and contemporary  solutions,  forms and construction details, that defines our proposals as  the best possible  ,based  and centered  on, every  project s  need s and requirements ,  in our client centered bespoke analysis .